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Streamline USA, LLC is a New York City-based General Contractor and Construction Management Company founded by three partners who have known each other for many years and finally decided to work together as a team. Eric Ortense, Liam Treanor, and Orin Zelenak collectively possess over fifty years of diverse construction experience and this enables them to engage in commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential projects.  

This team came together with a vision that each member would bring his own unique talents and problem-solving abilities to bear. By combining a passion for construction and the synergy of a partnership, Streamline has continued to grow stronger while remaining agile and dynamic. Streamline is your partner for commercial and residential projects.

We combined our diverse experiences to define our company values and to benefit both our clients and our team.


A key component is our company culture. The partners decided that, from its inception, Streamline would work in both the residential and commercial markets. Although there are different divisions within Streamline to address these two markets, the internal cross talk between our two main teams is intense and fertile. Those on the residential side bring the experience of precision, high tolerances, and restraint to these discussions. Those on the commercial side interject an exciting drive and push to execute quickly, no matter that the shifts are 24 hours long and run all weekend, so they can wrap up and move on. The result is an ongoing conversation and evolving approach to construction which takes the best from both worlds and applies it to every new project.  

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